Tyre Reinforcement

Our high-strength tyre cord grades were developed to support the global tyre industry, as it strives to improve fuel economy and vehicle performance through lighter and more durable tyres. It’s another sign of our commitment to partnership and constant innovation.

Tailored products for enhanced performance

Our high-strength steel helps customers in the tyre industry to produce lighter and more durable tyres – improving fuel economy and vehicle performance. Our tyre reinforcement cord is manufactured to meet individual customer specifications.

Tensile strength is altered by adapting the steel microstructure. Scale characteristics can be tailored to suit each customer’s preferred descaling method. We draw on our application knowledge and material development expertise to deliver a steel solution that meets your exact needs.

Dimensional capability

Description Range
Rod diameter 5.5mm
Coil weight 1,800-2,200kg
Coil length 1,350-1,700mm
Coil dimensions Outside diameter 1,250mm max
Inside diameter 850mm min


Please consult us if you have any other specific requirements.