High Tensile

High tensile cables for bridges and deepwater oil rig moorings are some of the most demanding steel applications there are. Consistently high quality wire rod with a high strength-to-weight ratio is essential. That’s where we can help.

High strength grade development

A comprehensive understanding of customer’s requirements facilitates product development.

British Steel has developed collaborative links with customers, and recently developed a grade allowing the customer to supply longer cables to the oil and gas industry, and unlock deeper offshore fields.

Reliable products for improved performance

You can depend on the consistent quality of our wire rod for high tensile applications. You can also rely on our products to help you reduce weight and cut costs in the design and construction of deep water oil rigs and cable-supported bridges.

The enhanced strength-to-weight ratio of our high tensile wire rod enables cable cross-sections to be reduced and delivers:

  • Reduced cable and superstructure weight (including cable bands, clamps, hanger cables and saddles)
  • Reduced cable installation and spinning time
  • Reduced construction programme
  • Overall project cost savings

Dimensional capability

Description Range
Rod diameter 5.5-15.0mm in 0.5mm increments
Coil weight 1,800-2,200kg
Coil length 1,350-1,700mm
Coil dimensions Outside diameter 1,250mm max
Inside diameter 850mm min


Please consult us if you have any other specific requirements.