UK Steel Charter

The UK Steel Charter aims to maximise opportunities for the UK economy and UK steel producers by encouraging and promoting measures that can be taken in relation to the procurement of steel. 

The UK Steel Charter, closely aligned with the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy agenda, builds on existing government policy aimed at supporting the steel industry through a more strategic approach to public procurement. The UK Steel Charter provides organisations with a range of simple, practical steps they can take to open up their procurement approach, increase opportunities for UK steel producers and manufacturing supply chains, and maximise the economic and social value of their projects.

In leading the charter initiative with UK Steel, we welcome the support of organisations and their commitment to promote and facilitate the use of UK produced steel in their construction and infrastructure projects.

Welcoming the Prime Minister’s speech in Dudley on 30 June 2020, UK Steel Director General Gareth Stace said: “It is hugely encouraging to hear the Prime Minister answer industry calls for an acceleration and expansion of infrastructure projects right across the UK, setting the course for an ‘infrastructure revolution’. A new deal for jobs, skills and infrastructure is just what the economy needs, and the UK steel industry is ready to support the Government’s build back better strategy by supplying the world class steel that is essential for improving our road, rail, energy systems, schools and hospitals.”

7.3 million tonnes of steel are produced in the UK each year, which is around 65% of the UK’s annual requirement*

For every 1,000 tonnes of steel produced in the UK:

  • 4.2 people are employed directly and 6.6 jobs are created in the local supply chain and communities
  • £880,000 is added to the UK economy
  • 960 tonnes of steel are recycled and used again and again
  • 150 tonnes of COare saved compared to importing from the EU

For further information, please visit the UK Steel Charter website

*International Steel Statistics Bureau – 2019 UK Steel raw steel production