Cold Heading

The cold heading process for manufacturing fasteners and fixings demands wire rod that combines formability and ductility with enduring strength. For bolts, screws, pins, rivets, studs and tie rods, that’s precisely what our cold heading grades deliver.

High performance for demanding applications

Our wire rod for cold heading applications offers reliably high performance to customers in the automotive, construction and mechanical engineering sectors. Used for efficient manufacture of a wide variety of fasteners and fixings, our extensive range of steel grades offers:

  • Formability
  • Ductility
  • Strength

Close compositional control during steel manufacture ensures within-cast variability is kept to very low levels. This delivers long-term product performance through consistent heat treatment response.

Boron steels

Our boron steels offer enhanced formability with low susceptibility to head bursts. This enables them to be processed into more complex fastener shapes. These steels offer excellent hardenability and consistent performance during cold forming and subsequent heat treatments.

Low-carbon aluminium-killed steels

Our low-carbon aluminium-killed steels are suitable for the full range of cold heading applications. They offer enhanced ductility, formability and strength.

Alloy steels

We offer low-alloy heat-treatable wire rod products with controlled hardenability. These products meet national and international specifications. We can also supply them to meet your specific requirements. Our alloy steels offer consistent performance during heat treatment.

Dimensional capability

Description Range
Rod diameter 5.5-30.0mm in 0.5mm increments
Coil weight 1,800-2,200kg
Coil length 1,000-1,700mm
Coil dimensions Outside diameter 1,300mm max
Inside diameter 800mm min


Please consult us if you have any other specific requirements.