Metallurgical Investigations

Using the latest metallurgical investigation technology to establish the root causes of component failure, our specialists can recommend preventative action to reduce the number of future failures. This helps to improve our customers’ operational performance and railway safety.

Failure analysis

Our rail experts have world-class knowledge of fatigue and fracture analysis of railway components. We conduct detailed metallurgical investigations of component failure to establish the root cause. We are then able to recommend corrective and preventative actions to reduce the number of future failures to:

  • Improve operational performance
  • Improve railway safety

Metallurgy and materials technology

Our metallurgists and materials technologists recognise the importance of designing and selecting track system components to meet duty requirements. They also understand that those components must be chosen with reference to: track design; vehicle parameters; installation and maintenance issues.

We work closely with network operators and maintainers to help them make the right component choice and to:

  • Enhance network performance
  • Enhance network safety

Welding technology

Our welding technology experts can advise customers on adherence to standards and ways to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend service life

Further information is available in our dedicated welding page.