Teesside Service Centre

Teesside Service Centre is a national hub for the processing and distribution of structural steel for construction applications.

The centre has been developed to provide steelwork contractors, fabricators and stockholders with a better, more responsive service. It offers multiple products from a single site and convenient delivery of mixed loads – when and where you need them.​

Customer benefits

Teesside Service Centre offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Improved availability and lead times. The service centre is located adjacent to British Steel’s Teesside Beam Mill –allowing superior co-ordination of production schedules and stock visibility through the supply chain. This means improved product availability and shorter lead times.
  • Heavy sections at the ready. We have almost 40 acres of outdoor stockyard ‘prairies’ which you can utilise. Our prairie stockyard allows us to hold an unrivalled range of heavy sections in support of your anticipated requirements.
  • Reliable product condition. We have more than 15,000m2 of warehousing used for storing light sections including an extended range of square and circular hollow sections. It means you can be confident your products will be delivered in optimum condition.
  • Helping you grow. We have modern equipment, a large site and a streamlined supply chain. It means you can rely on us for the capacity and flexibility needed to support the development of your business and handle the largest of projects.

Processing capability

  • Cut to length. The site has five saws in total – enabling accurate cutting to length of the entire range of British Steel sections. When we optimised our site configuration, the largest saw was deliberately located adjacent to the prairie stockyard. This enables us to cut our largest ‘jumbo’ sections up to 1m in depth and 20m in length.
  • Shotblast/prime. We utilise the latest available equipment – combining high productivity with reduced environmental impact. Computer-controlled spray gun height and oven settings, airless sprays, water-based coatings and the recycling of shot ensure minimised energy and material consumption. An operational window of 2500x600mm allows either very large or multiple sections to be prepared and coated simultaneously. This ensures we have the high throughput capacity and operational reliability to support large project demand.


  • Distribution. We are able to process and distribute multi-product loads of beams, columns, parallel flange channels, hollow sections and wide flats. Combining different products on a single load improves transportation efficiency. It also ensures you receive products only when you need them - saving time, material and floor space.
  • Processing. We offer considerable flexibility in our processing service, with cut to length being possible in configurations such as straight and mitre. Priming can be undertaken in certain colours.
  • Delivery schedule. By carefully managing the order of delivery and unloading of multi-products, we can match customers’ processing schedules. This ensures a smooth flow of material through the supply chain from rolling mill to construction site.