Tramway and Light Rail Transit

Quiet congestion-busting cross-city connections depend on reliable, restorable rails. 

Tramways and Light Rail Transit (LRT) offer convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation through our city streets. Reducing congestion and improving air quality, they bring huge benefits to the urban environment.

Most modern light rail and tramway networks comprise both street running and segregated route areas, often requiring differing rail types from our extensive product range. To negotiate the twists and turns of our cityscape, routes typically negotiate tight curves and steep gradients.

This challenging environment combined with high traffic frequency and short distances between stopping points accelerate the issues of rail wear and corrugation. 

Typical issues experienced by light railways include the need to minimise life-cycle costs while reducing environmental impacts such as vibration and corrosion.

Our products and services for tramway and light rail transit systems include: