High-speed railways

Photo: Alex Profit / SNCF
Photo: Alex Profit / SNCF

Smooth running rail connecting cities sustainably and delivering record-breaking performance.

High-speed railways offer exceptional levels of passenger comfort and safety combined with the lowest levels of environmental impact for long distance intercity travel. 

As a premium rail manufacturer, we reliably provide predictable consistency in long, straight, flat and even ultra-flat rails, for construction or maintenance purposes, combined with exceptional dimensional accuracy and steel integrity to deliver trouble-free, decades-long service life.

The requirement for high-speed travel over long distances means routes predominantly have tangent track and large radius curves with differing requirements to alternative railway types. 

High-speed track issues to tackle include squats, belgrospies, rolling contact fatigue and head checks as well as corrosion and optimised wear performance.

Our products and services for high-speed railways include: