Is volunteering in your nature?

Glyn Williams (pictured far right) has discovered the huge benefits of volunteering in his local community
Glyn Williams (pictured far right) has discovered the huge benefits of volunteering in his local community

Volunteering doesn’t just help local communities to thrive, it can also have massive health and social benefits for the individuals involved.

For our colleague Glyn Williams, joining the Friends of Bottesford Beck group has opened up opportunities to increase his environmental and historical knowledge, improve his health, and meet new friends in his local community.

The group works tirelessly to maintain the popular Bottesford Beck nature area, which is used by thousands of families in the Scunthorpe area. He joined the group four years ago as the chairman and his work has recently won him one of our Community Champion awards.

“All my life I’ve helped others,” said Glyn, Team Leader Work Services, Energy Operations.

“ This group didn’t have a chair person so I offered my help to get the group going. I thought it would be few months but now 7 years later I’m still enjoying learning and working with a group of people I really like.

“I’ve learnt a great deal about the environment, geography and historical information which I didn’t expect. I am bit on the large size for my height but this is a great source of exercise that you don’t even realise you’re doing.”

There are currently opportunities for more people to get involved with the Friends of Bottesford Beck. The work involves cleaning up and removing rubbish from the beck, planting, constructing and putting up bird boxes and generally looking after the beck and surrounding area.

Volunteers have access to professional training courses and opportunities to learn from other similar organisations.

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