Emergency bridges in Africa

The emergency bridges are similar to the bridge pictured
The emergency bridges are similar to the bridge pictured

A post-disaster recovery operation is being supported using British Steel’s high-strength structural steel sections.

The purpose of this project was to improve connectivity for rural communities post-disaster, enabling quicker, safer and more efficient access to employment, education and healthcare.

We've been working in close collaboration with one of our UK steelwork contractor partner customers, and have supplied over 1,400 tonnes of S460M high-strength sections for the construction of the emergency bridges.

S460M was launched into the market late last year, providing the optimum balance between cost and weight, along with improved environmental performance.

Steel for the S460M grade is manufactured at the Scunthorpe steelworks before being rolled into structural sections at Teesside Beam Mill. These high-strength sections outperform existing steel grades through their higher tensile and yield strength.