Condumax Cathode Bars

Our Condumax® cathode collector bars are manufactured to meet individual customer dimensional requirements. Our ultra low carbon grade offers improved resistivity compared to other grades, which in turn leads to energy savings and potential additional benefits through carbon credits.

We work with primary aluminium smelters to offer high quality cathode bars for use in aluminium production.

We offer a range of cathode collector bars for use in aluminium smelting. Certification is in accordance with EN10204 Type 3.1 analysis only. Supply options include:

  • Uniquely low carbon content
  • Long bars
  • Cold-sawn to required length 


Our Condumax cathode bars have a unique chemical composition of 0.01% carbon, significantly lower than the 0.04-0.06% carbon content present in other commercially available ultra low resistivity steel cathode collector bars. This unique chemistry offers significant benefits in terms of improved conductivity:

  • 20% reduced energy costs
  • 40% greater conductivity

Try our Savings Calculator to find out how much Condumax can save you


To meet your needs, we also offer a choice of:

  • Section widths from 122-279mm
  • Thicknesses from 90-160mm
  • Cold-sawn lengths from 1.5-10m

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Condumax® is a registered trademark of British Steel in the United Kingdom
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