HP350 for heavy haul track

Our High-Performance rail HP350 is an ideal solution for arduous track conditions, resisting wear, plastic deformation and rolling contact fatigue on tight curves and under heavy axle loads.

This non-heat-treated rail builds on the success of our award-winning HP335 rail and is a high-strength grade with wear-resistance properties equivalent to those usually only found in heat-treated rail. This reduces the rate of rail degradation and therefore increases rail life.

This new grade was developed to provide networks with a microstructurally engineered alternative to thermally hardened rails.

Meeting all the quality, production and dimensional requirements set out in the EN, UIC and AREMA standards, HP350 meets the most demanding requirements, including those of the Class A straightness and Class X profile.

HP350 is readily weldable and can be both aluminothermically and flash butt welded.

As its properties are not achieved through heat treatment, there is no need for a post-weld heat treatment process.

HP grades have been extensively proven for more than a decade in varied applications from light rail to heavy haul. If you'd like to find out more then please contact us.