05 Apr 2017

British Steel delivers research and development excellence

Our Wire Rod Research and Development (R&D) team supports grade development and process enhancements for both rod and wire production to push the boundaries of your product performance. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we work with you to deliver lasting value to your business.

Shaun Hobson, Research Lead for the Wire Rod R&D team, has worked specifically on wire rod related projects for the last 22 years. He commented: “Research and development plays an integral role in innovation.

“Our development work encompasses the full range of steel grades produced at Scunthorpe Rod Mill (SRM) covering very low carbon steels for extreme drawing/cold heading applications, free cutting grades, medium carbon spring and alloy grades, tyre cord grades and ultra-high strength steels for deep water mooring cables/suspension bridge wires.”

A large percentage of our wire rod is destined for the automotive market, a dynamic industry requiring dedicated research and development support to deliver niche products to market while building a sustainable competitive advantage.

We’re always adapting to industry changes to provide you with the best service possible, leading the way with our honest and friendly approach to business. With a thorough metallurgical understanding of how different steels interact during the various processing stages you may implement, we're well positioned to explore the best solutions to help you succeed.

Shaun said: “R&D is an investment in technology and future capabilities, which is transformed into new products, services and process improvements. Members of the Wire Rod team are often invited to attend client meetings and engage directly with technical personnel, which is beneficial to both parties.

“I've visited numerous customers and built up an in-depth knowledge of the complexity of the processes involved in the downstream processing of rod grades. I enjoy the challenge of understanding complex customer needs and developing new steels that are bespoke to these requirements.

“We work in tandem with customers to tailor latest developments to their specifications, supporting process enhancements for both rod and wire production.”

British Steel co-operates with various universities and research institutes and currently sponsors an EngD student from Sheffield University who is working on a wire rod-related project. Recognising and nurturing talent helps us establish a prosperous and sustainable future to the benefit of our customers, partners and stakeholders.

For more information on our work and for any enquiries, please contact us at wirerod@britishsteel.co.uk or on +44 (0)1724 402582.