Photo 1 (L-R): Steve Iafelice (Purchasing Manager at Caterpillar), Dominic Hill (Customer Quality and Technical Manager, Special Profiles, British Steel), David Waine (Commercial Director, Special Profiles, British Steel) and Patrick Alger (Quality Manager at Caterpillar); photo 2 (L-R): Stephen Zaccone (Sales Manager, British Steel), Andy Moore (Product Support & Logistics Division Global Procurement Manager, Caterpillar)) and David Waine at Caterpillar’s Supplier Excellence Recognition event
06 Dec 2022

Top supplier status from Caterpillar for 10th consecutive year

Colleagues at Special Profiles are celebrating as one of their key customers has awarded them a coveted ‘excellent’ supplier standard, the highest category available.

Caterpillar last year awarded us with gold supplier status in its Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) for the ninth consecutive time with us seeking to become the first ever company worldwide to achieve a decade at this top level. This year, however, Caterpillar changed from awarding non-accredited, bronze, silver and gold awards to a new scheme with categories of non-accredited, accredited and excellent.

Dominic Hill, Customer Quality and Technical Manager, and David Waine, Commercial Director, visited Caterpillar in Illinois where they were awarded a plaque recognising our excellent supplier status.

Dominic said: “Excellent is even more demanding than the gold standard, especially around quality, so Caterpillar has very few suppliers achieving excellent status. To achieve this top level for 10 consecutive years is a truly remarkable accomplishment.

“This standard continues to require very demanding quality targets, equivalent to less than 0.02% rejections or repair, as well as just short of 100% delivery on time.

“It also requires ongoing work in cost saving initiatives and development projects, something we excel at. The installation of our new laser gauge is taking our width control to a whole new level and we’ve also introduced 2 brand new products, including one where we jointly designed a totally new concept of lightweight shoe with Caterpillar.

“And to help them manage their overcapacity of demand for heat treatment, we have helped join up different parts of Caterpillar’s supply chain too.”

2022 saw a 67% reduction in suppliers achieving the top level due to the higher new standard, largely as a consequence of global supply chain challenges.

David said: “Delivering virtually 100% on time has been especially tough. Caterpillar said they’re particularly proud of Skinningrove being able to achieve this requirement in such a difficult climate.

“As ever, we’ve been working hard to maintain our positive relationship with Caterpillar as well as developing innovative products and ways of working.

“The Caterpillar supplier evaluation is very demanding and covers all aspects of the business, so for us to stay in the topmost category is a great credit to every single one of us, very well done to all.”