24 Jun 2016

Steelworks taskforce and support fund to be renamed British Steel 

The taskforce and support fund for Scunthorpe steelworkers and businesses are following in the footsteps of the steelworks and have been renamed to British Steel Taskforce and British Steel Support Fund.

The council set up the taskforce to support Scunthorpe steelworkers and supply chain businesses after the redundancy announcement last year. This was followed by the £3m support fund being launched in February.  

The support fund is to help businesses within the British Steel supply chain and other local businesses to help create and safeguard jobs.

The funding can be used for capital investments, training, wage subsidies for disadvantaged workers, and research and development.

Three applications for the funding have already been considered and given approval by the board at a total cost of £480,000. They will create 45 new jobs within North Lincolnshire.

A further 15 businesses are currently going through the application process.

Any businesses interested in finding out more about the support fund should contact the council’s Economic Development Team on 01724 297330, email businessinfo@northlincs.gov.uk or go to www.investinnorthlincolnshire.gov.uk.

Cllr Liz Redfern, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council and Chair of the British Steel Taskforce, said:

“Following the fantastic recent announcement of Scunthorpe steelworks being taken over by Greybull and being renamed British Steel, it is only right that the council’s taskforce and support fund for the steelworks are renamed British Steel Taskforce and British Steel Support Fund. The name change was something that we wanted to do to show our support and I am very pleased that everyone was in agreement.

“It is extremely important that steel is produced locally and local businesses are supported.

“Interest in the fund has been very positive and many businesses are look to expand and grow. However the fund will support those businesses that need to diversify as a result of loss in contracts.

“We are keen to speak to even more businesses that need investment support. The first three applications have demonstrated positive signs of growth for Scunthorpe and new jobs being created to replace those recently lost.

“We will continue to offer support for the steelworks, steelworkers and local businesses, and do all we can to help.”

British Steel Commercial Director, Peter Hogg said:

"The taskforce has provided valuable support to the Scunthorpe area and I would like to thank Baroness Redfern and the other members for their efforts.

"We have been pleased to work with North Lincolnshire Council on helping to promote vibrant businesses in the communities in which we operate, and this is something we look forward to continuing.

"The council has also been, and continues to be, helpful in enabling British Steel get support from the government. However, there is still work to do on in areas such as energy, procurement and business rates so the continued support of the taskforce is extremely important."

British Steel Support Fund

The British Steel Support Fund is for the next two years and is funded by the Government.

The Government provided the £3m funding to help local businesses in the area affected by the closure of the plate mills and coke ovens on the Scunthorpe steelworks site.