06 Mar 2017

British Steel's entrepreneurial spirit praised

British Steel’s entrepreneurial spirit has been hailed after the company staged a business briefing to reiterate its commitment to forging strong and lasting partnerships throughout our industry and communities.

Around 60 suppliers, training providers and key political and community stakeholders attended the first event of its kind at the company’s Scunthorpe headquarters.

Executive chairman Roland Junck told guests: “The pace at which we evolve allows us to believe we can strengthen our long-term capability and build a sustainable future, as an industry leader, for British Steel, our employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.

“Locally, through positive engagement, we want to become a leader of business and community re-development in the areas in which we operate. Nationally we want to be the champion in our chosen markets – recognised as the centre of competence for steelmaking and the partner of choice. Internationally, we want to be a competitive exporter and the right strategic business partner.”

Roland praised suppliers for embracing the challenge of working together to jointly identify improvements and cost reductions and encouraged them to come forward with more ideas to help all our businesses grow.

North Lindsey College, which provides extensive training for British Steel employees, was among our partners at the event. Deputy Principal Mick Lochran said: “Personally, having worked with and for British Steel over the last 30 years, I have seen a complete change in culture and you can see this entrepreneurial culture seeping through the whole of the organisation.”

TMS International Services UK Ltd, formerly known as Tube City IMS and an established partner of British Steel, provides an array of pre and post-mill services at the Scunthorpe works. Area Manager Michael Jarvis welcomed the event and said: “It’s about working together, not as single entities.

“You’ve got to keep trying to provide ideas – you want to be able to provide a good service to the customer, and it’s important for us to do that so we retain not only our reputation but increase our foothold within the local area and globally.”

Fuchs recently signed a contract to supply us with lubrication and Managing Director Richard Halhead said: “The importance placed on the new partnership approach is welcomed, and Fuchs is fully committed to helping British Steel in achieving their goals and objectives.

“Particularly pleasing was the recognition of Fuchs as the lubricant partner of choice and the significant opportunities and savings that can be achieved by working together.”

As well as containing many suppliers, the audience also included stakeholders from local schools, universities and training providers along with the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce.

Dr Ian Kelly, the Chamber’s Chief Executive, said: “This is one of the proudest, best businesses in this part of the world. It’s been through difficult times but what’s been fantastic about today has been the message that you’re back on the right track, you’re doing the right things and everyone I have spoken to is absolutely committed to supporting you 100 per cent.

“Every one of your key partners has strong and positive things to say about what you’ve done in the past when times were difficult but much more important is what we can do together going forward.”

And Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin, who was among the local politicians at the event, said: “This is a breath of fresh air – a business, in British Steel, which is wanting to reach out and work with the supply chain and take things forward together.

“Given where we were a year ago we are in a very positive place but underneath that everybody will say there’s a lot more to do to turn this from a good business into a very good business.”