01 Nov 2016

Right on track

The Internal Logistics team has recently started a long-term partnership with GB Railfreight (GBRf) for the supply and maintenance of up to 10 Di8 locomotives, to transport our steel and raw materials around our Scunthorpe site. Our previous fleet – the Janus locomotives – were old and proving extremely unreliable, as well as difficult to maintain. 

Trevor Charlton, Manager Internal Logistics, said: “Even though we’ve had teething issues and there are some engineering modifications we’d like to see, the Di8 locos are significantly better than our previous fleet. Their reliability is improving all the time as we gain knowledge and experience of running them.”

These Di8 locomotives were built in Germany by Siemens and originally intended for use in Norway on mainline activities. They’re maintained on and off site by Electro Motive Diesel (EMD) and offer a significant change to the Janus fleet of shunting locomotives.

Bryan Price, Area Manager Rail Traffic, said: “During the spring and summer months, our drivers completed their conversion training. GBRf taught a half-dozen unit trainers and in turn we trained-up a further 40 loco drivers.

“All this, while we still provided a full shunting service and kept the job going. These locos handle very differently to the old Janus locos and I'm proud of what the guys have achieved."

The power and working environment of the Di8 locomotives are a substantial improvement on the Janus fleet. Trevor said: “We’re continuously progressing with their operational reliability, which in turn is increasing our associated financial savings.”