07 Sep 2017

Meet the Team: Rail Technical Services

Our Rail Technical Services teams based across Scunthorpe, UK and Hayange, France provide a wealth of advice and support to help you optimise your rail selections to reduce operating costs with more rail life and less maintenance.

Rail Matters talks to some of our team members helping to improve operational efficiency and network integrity across all types of rail networks: 

Pascal Sécordel, Technical Director, France
Leading the Product Quality, Research & Development and Customer Technical Support teams in France, Pascal has a vast wealth of knowledge of both the steel and rail industries (35 years). He coordinates both internal and industry-wide research programmes to develop the next generations of rail, in partnership with both customers and universities. He also manages product quality, assurance and customer approvals from our Hayange plant. Pascal leads the European rail standards (Convenor of the SC1 WG4) and is the registered French expert in ISO/TC 17/SC 15/WG01 “Railway rails”. An integral part of the industry-transforming production of long length standard and heat-treated rail in Europe, Pascal is now pioneering premium rail solutions to ensure customers have cost-efficient railways.

Frédéric Fau, Customer Technical Services Manager
Frédéric’s extensive steel experience (33 years, 25 years in Rail), helps him coordinate and manage European, industry and university track research programmes to develop the next generation of rail products and gain homologation. Frédéric coordinates test sites both in Europe and globally to evaluate and prove new product performance in real life conditions, giving him a global perspective on rail degradation. His vast experience helps our customers to optimise their rail choices to improve network performance, and he currently sits on the European rail standards committee (CEN) to drive continual improvement in the Rail industry.

Rob Lambert, Manager Rail Technologies
Chartered Engineer Rob has 11 years of experience within the steel industry managing quality control, production and product improvement. As Manager of Rail Technologies in the UK, Rob leads a team of 5 experts in rail degradation, welding and metallurgy delivering: the development of new products; liaising with customers to identify problems and develop solutions; delivering rail inspection techniques to identify value for customers; providing expert metallurgical advice on rail selection criteria and delivering bespoke testing for rail components. Prior to joining the Rail team, Rob was responsible for product quality in both casting and steelmaking facilities within the company.

Lindsey Smith, Senior Consultant
Dr Lindsey Smith joined the team after completing her PhD in railway crack modelling and has since gained Chartered Engineer status. She leads and participates in a wide range of projects that deliver technology-based solutions including the understanding of track degradation of new products. This is achieved through site monitoring, visual inspection, NDT, rail wear and corrugation measurements, which are used to develop predictive maintenance strategies and demonstrate material performance. Lindsey’s 15 years of Rail experience is used to model track degradation via mathematical techniques and tools such as Network Rail’s Track Ex to predict track degradation and develop effective maintenance strategies.

(L-R): Dr Brindusa Mironov and Dr Lindsey Smith

Brindusa Mironov, Consultant
Brindusa, who completed her PhD in Materials Process Engineering at Leeds University, after studying in Bucharest, Romania, is the newest member of our team. A material scientist with expertise in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic systems, Brindusa is now learning all about track degradation and how new products such as HP335 perform in service. Gaining experience in both light and heavy freight track, she has participated in a range of rail site monitoring projects including track inspections to evaluate asset condition for rail wear, corrugation and RCF.


Sean Gleeson, Consultant
Rail welding expert Sean has 33 years’ experience of working in Rail, 16 of which were spent as Plant Manager of the flash butt welding facilities in the UK. In addition, he has developed Quality Assurance systems and implemented approval testing for flash butt welding facilities across the UK, Europe, South Africa and South America. Sean was instrumental in developing our Zinoco® corrosion-resistant rail and in proving its performance in-track. As an experienced Rail Consultant, Sean has also undertaken regular track inspections and surveys to assess RCF, corrugation, corrosion and rail wear performance.

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