28 Feb 2017

British Steel to sponsor ‘Meet the Buyer’ construction event in Leeds

We will be sponsoring the ‘Meet the Buyer’ event in Leeds, providing insights into how our steel solutions can help the construction industry build stronger futures.

The event, which British Steel will be sponsoring for the first time, will take place at Headingley Experience, Leeds on 2 March 2017. You will find us exhibiting at the stadium as we showcase our comprehensive steel product range.

We look forward to connecting with a variety of individuals in order to explain the benefits of our versatile product range. We are proud to be able to supply steel products to local builders and contractors, while also contributing toward some of the most iconic structures throughout the world.

During this exhibition, we will explain how British Steel can offer the benefits of local supply and distribution, increasing sustainability and reducing transport emissions associated with European imports.

For further details on this event, or if you’d like to visit, please contact: sections@britishsteel.co.uk.