Land of Iron Museum in Skinningrove.
29 Sep 2023

Land of Iron museum officially opens

The rich iron and steelmaking heritage of East Cleveland is being celebrated at the Land of Iron museum in Skinningrove which has been officially reopened following a major rebuild containing our sections.

We donated constructional steel rolled at Teesside Beam Mill for the museum’s remodelling project, which includes a new visitor centre, state-of-the-art display space, archive storage, educational areas and offices.

The museum, formerly Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and located within a mile of our Special Profiles mill, provides a fascinating insight into the lives of the workers and the social history of the area, catering for the local community, visiting tourists and school trips.

Plant Manager – Northern Mills, David Hogg, said: “It is very fitting to see our steel providing the structure to the new extension when the very essence of the museum itself is focussed on the history of iron and steelmaking.

“This is an excellent project and we are delighted that steel rolled at our Teesside Beam Mill at Lackenby is at the heart of the construction. Although our work is centred on the future of steelmaking, we are proud to be associated with the Land of Iron and its celebration of the region’s iron and steelmaking heritage.”

The museum reopened to the public in early 2023 and has just been declared officially open by the Honourable Joanna Pease, a direct descendant of the Pease family of industrialists who took ownership of the Skinningrove and Loftus mine in 1865 where the museum is situated today.

Marie Woods, Land of Iron’s Chief Executive, said: “At Land of Iron, we have a shared vision to create a place that would support the community and promote the identity and heritage of a past industry that was at the heart of East Cleveland.

“Redcar and Cleveland, its people and its stories are the heart of what we do and what we want to achieve for the future.”

For more go to the Land of Iron website.