21 Nov 2016

Hayange employees heralded by Roland Junck on visit to our French operations

Employees at our Hayange plant have been heralded for helping to improve our European operations.

The rail mill employs around 400 people and was part of the Tata Steel Long Products Europe business bought by Greybull Capital earlier this year and re-launched under the British Steel banner on June 1.

Our business is already back in profit and on a visit to Hayange last week Roland Junk, British Steel’s Executive Chairman, said the company’s French workers had contributed significantly to this result.

Roland said: “Hayange is an integral part of British Steel and I am hugely impressed by the dedication and performance of our team here.

“Since the launch of the company they have continued to embrace our turnaround plan, enabling us to compete more competitively in the market.

“While market conditions continue to be a challenge for everyone in our industry, we have made progress and secured some significant contracts, including in France, where we have a loyal and strong customer base.

“There is great demand for the high end products made by British Steel, especially in the rail sector and our Hayange mill continues to deliver products of the highest quality for use not only in France but across the globe.”

Our Hayange rail mill can make up to 350,000 tonnes of rail a year – including lengths of up to 108m. Major customers include SNCF which signed a contract earlier this year that will see us supply it with 120,000 tonnes of rail.

In September we revealed we had committed £50 million of capital investment for the current financial year, including a £1 million investment in Hayange.

And Roland said: “Investment of the kind we are implementing will ensure our plants can continue to improve our offering to customers.

“We have an outstanding workforce at Hayange,and they are determined to see our business thrive and build a sustainable future.

“Their skill and ongoing support are a major factor behind our business coming so far, so quickly and I have every confidence they will continue to build a brighter future for our business and our customers.”