03 Feb 2022

Going for gold in Canadian mine

Tophats made in Skinningrove are destined for a new gold mine in Canada – and, at 340x175mm, these will be the biggest tophats we’ve ever made!

Tophat profiles are used to provide a high-quality, cost-effective hoisting system in vertical mineshafts so will play a key part in efficient operations at Canadian Malartic Partnership’s Odyssey Mine. The tophat order totals 650 tonnes and deliveries will start in the second half of this year.

The new mine, which is now under construction, will allow continued mining of the deposit in the Canadian Malartic and Barnat pits through 4 main mineralised zones. Located around 3km east of the town of Malartic, it will become one of Canada’s largest underground gold mines.

Commercial Director for our Special Profiles business David Waine said: “Securing this order is great news for our team. Our tophat shaft guides will help Odyssey Mine achieve maximum productivity and service life. The tophats are designed to give superior dimensional control and straightness, which means they’ll be able to operate faster lifts and carry heavier load weights too.

“With an estimated shaft depth of 1.8km, the sheer scale of the project is enormous. It’s really quite awesome to see the complex plans for what’s happening underground and I can’t wait to see our profiles play their part.”


  • 500-1,000 employees during construction and first production phase
  • 1,500 employees during peak of operations
  • 1,800m estimated ramp and shaft depth
  • 19,000 tonnes per day of ore
  • 2.76 grammes/tonne of gold

 Watch a 3D model of the mine >