02 Feb 2018

Customer praises British Steel's high-quality Special Profiles after £2m investment

A leading forklift mast manufacturer has praised our Special Profiles team for improved quality after we invested nearly £2m on a state-of-the-art descaling system at the mill.

Hyster-Yale Group, (Hyster-Yale) awarded British Steel with a certificate of merit for on-time delivery and quality supply during a visit to discuss future business.

Hyster-Yale has also reaccredited our ‘preferred supplier’ status following an annual review, where we scored in excess of 80% across the board in cost, quality, delivery and aftersales support.

Angela Kilkie, European Supply Chain Director – Hyster-Yale, said: “British Steel continues to model excellence in quality, delivery and continuous improvement in support of our long-term business relationship and I am delighted to commend them on their performance.”

British Steel’s Sales & Customer Service Manager Claire Sharples said: “This recent commendation shows our commitment to Hyster-Yale and how, by continuing to work together, we’re improving in all the areas that are important to them.

“Our recent investment with the new descaling machine is already proving worthwhile. Members of our Quality team saw some of Hyster-Yale’s masts while they were at their Northern Irish plant a couple of weeks ago and they looked to have a glass-like finish to them following shot blasting and painting. That’s thanks to the enhanced finish we’re now able to offer.

“Being a preferred supplier means we have a long-term commitment to supply them and the potential to increase business.

“It also means we’ve the opportunity to work with them on the development of new products.

“We’re constantly asking our customers what’s important to them and what we can do to help them succeed – for Hyster-Yale, it’s surface quality and a just-in-time delivery service, which we currently offer to their plant in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.”

The team at Hyster-Yale has also maintained focus on their journey in building a continuous improvement culture within its business, focusing on Six Sigma. Claire added: “That mirrors what we’re doing at British Steel so we’ll be able to work together on projects that will help in our ongoing efforts to improve our products, services and processes.

“We’re proud to be working in partnership with Hyster-Yale and pleased to see our efforts being recognised through this award and commendation.”

Before and after our steel going through the descaler
(Before and after effects steel going through the descaling machine)