13 Oct 2017

CEO Peter Bernscher takes to the floor at NASS dinner

British Steel’s CEO Peter Bernscher was pleased to be invited to be principal speaker at last night’s NASS steel industry dinner. The event, hosted at the National Motorcycle Museum, was attended by representatives from across the steel industry and in particular the construction sector.

Peter talked about our aspirations and the opportunities facing the construction industry. He said: “In the UK and France we want to be recognised as the centre of competence for steelmaking and the partner of choice. This means being in a position to have the breadth of ability to serve a wide range of customers, both directly and to end users. It also means being able to provide the quality and service that each of these customers requires. We want to maximise the value in our supply chains.

“The UK sections market of 1.3mt has recovered to pre-recession levels and saw a growth of 12% in 2016/17. Similarly construction market output is projected to increase by 4% by 2019 vs 2016 and infrastructure is set to grow by 10% to 2019. It’s clear that demand remains positive and there are lots of opportunities out there.”