19 Nov 2021

British Steel's Low-Carbon Roadmap receives further industry praise

Last month, we launched our Low-Carbon Roadmap in a series of industry engagement sessions, where we outlined our plans for meeting decarbonisation targets for 2035 and 2050.

Martin Maley, President of the National Association of Steel Service Centres (NASS), said: “British Steel’s Low-Carbon Roadmap is very exciting, I’m very pleased to have been taken through the plan and on behalf of NASS, we’re delighted to see this initiative take shape.

“This is so important for the UK and for steel manufacturers. I think there are opportunities for the steel industry and NASS to work closely together and look at ways of tightening the supply chain.”

British Steel’s Construction Commercial Director Ben Cunliffe said: “We’re looking at using a range of new techniques and innovations. Heading towards net-zero targets is an exciting prospect, but a challenging one.”

Find out more about our Low-Carbon Roadmap.