10 Mar 2022

British Steel welcomes green hydrogen project on Teesside

British Steel has welcomed plans for a green hydrogen production centre near its Teesside operations.

Tees Green Hydrogen is a pioneering project from EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics, a subsidiary of  EDF Group specialising in hydrogen.

The project will use green electricity from the nearby Teesside Offshore Wind Farm along with a new solar farm, which EDF Renewables UK intends to construct near Redcar, to power its hydrogen electrolyser.

Tees Green Hydrogen will supply local business customers with hydrogen to support decarbonisation efforts and a significant reduction in industrial pollution.

In October last year, British Steel unveiled its Low-Carbon Roadmap which sets out its plans to, among other solutions, develop the application of hydrogen in its operations.

Matt Stockwell, Manager of British Steel’s Teesside operations, said: “We welcome the news about the hydrogen plant project on Teesside and look forward to early collaboration with EDF Renewables.

“This development will allow us to explore innovative technology options that could support the implementation of our Low-Carbon Roadmap and our ambition to deliver net zero steel by 2050.”

The development is the latest in a growing list of green initiatives proposed on Teesside. In its initial phase, the electrolyser will be 30-50MW in size, but is designed to be able to scale to over 500MW, in line with emerging demand.

Tristan Zipfel, Director of Strategy and Analysis at EDF Renewables UK, said: “Tees Green Hydrogen represents the latest instalment of our investment in Tees Valley, supporting its decarbonisation, reducing pollution and strengthening the local economy.”

Christelle Rouillé, CEO of Hynamics, said: “We are dedicated to making low carbon and renewable hydrogen a decarbonisation driver of the entire economy, especially in the mobility and industrial sectors. We are very happy to support our partners in achieving their carbon neutrality objectives, in line with the climate change emergency.”

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen, said: “It’s fantastic that EDF Renewables will also be working closely with local companies, like British Steel, to help them reduce their emissions, adding to our growing reputation as a leader in net zero innovation, and helping our region play a vital role in the UK’s ambition to deliver 5GW of hydrogen production by 2030."

Jacob Young, Conservative MP for Redcar and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for hydrogen, said: "Producing green hydrogen, using the power generated by off-shore wind, and then being able to offer that hydrogen to companies like British Steel is exactly the sort of investment we want here in Teesside.”