30 May 2019

British Steel is open for business

In order to seek to protect the future of British Steel Limited, the Company was placed into compulsory liquidation on 22 May 2019.

The High Court appointed the Official Receiver as liquidator of the Company on the petition of the Company’s directors. Simultaneously, the Court also appointed S J Woodward, R H Kelly and A M Hudson as Special Managers to support him. The Company continues to trade as normal under the control of the Official Receiver whilst a sales process is undertaken to find a new owner for our business.

Therefore, after an incredibly hard week for all concerned, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our employees, customers, suppliers and many others for all your support.

The Company’s subsidiaries including British Steel France Rail SAS, FN Steel BV, Redcar Bulk Terminal, The Steel Company of Ireland Limited, TSP Projects Limited and TSP Engineering Limited are not in insolvency and are continuing to trade as normal.

Thank you again for your support.

We are British Steel!

We are open for business!

And this is how we do it:



Interested parties should contact britishsteel@uk.ey.com