20 Oct 2022

British Steel extends range of Advance® structural sections

British Steel has further enhanced its offering to the construction sector by extending its range of Advance® structural sections.

Manufactured in the UK to carefully controlled standards, the Advance structural sections range provides greater design flexibility due to the inclusion of often difficult-to-find intermediary dimensions.

The range has been extended by 71 additional beams and columns and is available in both standard grades and in British Steel’s premium S460M and weathering steel grades.

A universal beam and column - part of our extended Advance sections range

British Steel Commercial Director, Construction, Ben Cunliffe said: “The wide range of sizes and gauges available in our Advance structural sections range gives designers and engineers the flexibility to achieve the most effective structural solutions for their clients.

“Optimising steel structures by precisely matching often difficult-to-find dimensions has the potential to provide sustainable, efficient and cost-reducing solutions through savings in structure weight, fabrication effort and logistical costs.

“Using our high-strength S460M grade, which is available across most sizes, doubles these benefits and allows further optimisation such as wider spans and reduced structure weight.”

British Steel’s Advance sections, like its standard sections, are produced by its UK mills and rolled on a frequent basis.

Ben said: “We’re responsive and adaptable to customers’ needs and take pride in giving great customer service and offering quality products made to precise requirements.

“Our team of experienced metallurgists provides dedicated technical support to customers, including detailed metallurgical analysis to solve specific processing challenges, and the development of new and more advanced grades of steel for increasingly demanding applications.”

Initially developed to reflect structural design practice for CE-marked structural sections compliant with EU regulations, our new Advance range is also UKCA-marked in compliance with UK regulations on construction products.

British Steel started manufacturing weathering steel structural sections a little over a year ago. Self-protecting, durable and attractive, weathering steel is ideal for a whole range of outdoor structures in exposed locations including bridges, buildings and catenary gantries on railway lines.

The steel’s corrosion rate is so low that structures fabricated from unpainted weathering steel can achieve long lifespans – in some cases up to 120 years – with only minimal maintenance.

British Steel’s high-strength structural steel grade, S460M, is designed for use in multi-storey and high-rise buildings, as well as a wide range of other commercial and industrial uses. It provides the optimum balance between cost and weight, along with improved environmental performance.