01 Oct 2019

British Steel experts help shape plans for zero carbon economy

Expertise from British Steel is helping a consortium of businesses to shape its vision for a zero carbon economy.

Representatives from Equinor, Drax Group and National Grid Ventures visited our Scunthorpe site recently to present their Zero Carbon Humber ambitions.

The group looked around our site and heard from British Steel experts about some of the challenges businesses like us might face in accessing their proposed technology in the future.

British Steel Technical Director Chris Vaughan said: “As major players in the region’s industrial landscape, many businesses like ours are facing similar challenges when it comes to reducing emissions. By opening our doors to the Zero Carbon Humber group we hope to help them get a better understanding of these challenges, and we look forward to seeing how their plans are shaped over the coming years as we work together towards a common goal.”

The consortium of three energy companies share a vision to build the UK’s first net zero carbon cluster, growing out of the Humber by the mid-2020s and creating the start of a new hydrogen economy across Yorkshire and the North of England.

Further information about the proposals is available at www.zerocarbonhumber.co.uk