21 Dec 2015

Apprentice training and safety take a positive step forward

Changes made to our apprentice training programmes have resulted in an improved safety performance and a higher level of engagement among our apprentices.

Improvements in safety performance and levels of engagement amongst our apprentices has come following the change in our apprentice training provider to North Lindsey College. Since this change, our training centre and the college have worked together in partnership to amend the programme the apprentices receive. This means all of the gaps are filled in within their training process, leading to significant improvements in both engagement and training standards. The change in provider has also allowed the apprentices to do all their learning on our Scunthorpe site, giving them a better understanding of the engineering environment.

Ruth Parrott, a year three technical apprentice, said: “The apprentice training centre and curriculum for the technical apprentices has improved and the apprentices seem more prepared for life on plant.” 

To complement the training a Safety Engagement Programme has been introduced, focusing on potential dangers on site. This has led to improved safety performance with there being more than 100 days since the last apprentice accident and more than 150 days since the last incident on site.

The Apprentice Training Centre held an open day on 16 December 2015 to promote these changes. Our  apprentices, external employees, and companies like NHS, Qube, Future Bio-Gas and Joyce Engineering attended. The day involved opening the workshop and allowing the first year apprentices to discuss their training and show the changes made to the centre.

Andrew Stagg, Technical Training Delivery Manager East, said: “It was nice to see so many people attend the open day and the whole experience has had a positive impact on the engagement of the apprentices. We received great feedback from the attendees and the current year one apprentices really enjoyed the fact that people from all across the site had taken time to engage with them.”

After the success of this open day the Training Centre will hold two more in 2016 and plan to continue developing apprentice health and safety training.