24 Sep 2020

Let's build together - British Steel business update

British Steel CEO Ron Deelen today issued the following company update:

The new British Steel is 6 months old and no-one could have predicted the challenges we’ve all faced, personally and professionally, during this period. We were just a few days out of liquidation and embarking on an exciting new era under Jingye when COVID-19 took a grip in the UK. For many of us the pandemic has been, and continues to be, one of the most testing times in our lives so I’m proud to say that despite the difficulties we and thousands of other companies are facing, the skill and dedication of our people means the transformation of British Steel remains on track.

Our employees have maintained safe operations and production throughout the pandemic. We’re hugely grateful for this, and for the support our customers and suppliers continue to demonstrate. It’s not only helping us overcome the hurdles COVID-19 has created, it’s allowing us to start making the important changes this company requires.

With Jingye behind us, we’re embracing new ways of thinking along with smarter and more flexible ways of working. We’re developing new products, entering more markets and investing in our assets to modernise plant and improve performance. A great deal of hard work has already taken place, and much more lies ahead given the challenging market we’re in. However, the evolution of British Steel is underway and we’re well-placed to make a significant contribution to the UK’s economic recovery.

Britain needs to build for the future and we can play an important role in major infrastructure projects like HS2, which needs large quantities of high-quality products like our rail and constructional steel. We already have great experience of supplying into projects of this scale, and our people are focused on delivering the world-class products required.

The benefits of UK manufacturers being at the heart of HS2, and similar ventures, will be felt far and wide. For example, every 1,000 tonnes of steel produced in this country creates work for 10 people – directly and in the supply chains and communities in which we operate. In partnership with Government, stakeholders, customers and suppliers we can help revive the economy – locally and nationally.

Let’s build with UK manufacturers, build with UK steel and build a stronger future for everyone.