The converted Cat will be used as a ladle wrecker
22 Apr 2024

£500,000 investment enhances British Steel’s mobile plant fleet

An excellent new addition to British Steel’s mobile plant fleet is joining the business with the arrival of a £500,000 Cat 336 at our Scunthorpe BOS Plant. 

With its telescopic boom and newly-configured system set-up, the converted Cat will work as a ladle wrecker – a key role in maintaining quality steel production.

This Cat 336 has a capability of reaching around 10 metres in height in its work to dig the mouth of the vessel and charge pad so it’s easier to charge scrap and iron. It also has extra hydraulic valves and pedals fitted inside the cab to allow it to tilt and rotate. 

Its original boom has also been replaced with a specialist Leonard K8000 boom which lifts, tilts, extends and rotates 360 degrees. The boom telescopes in and out and has a claw attachment at the end to carry out its precision work, which requires skill and coordination – along with the correct machinery.

The new Cat follows on from other recent investments of £3.1-million in mobile plant which has included the introduction of two new forklift trucks at Semi-Finished Products earlier this year.