Research and Development: Bruce Yu

Research and Development's Bruce Yu joined British Steel straight from Loughborough University; and is looking forward to developing his knowledge and career here with us.

What did you do before joining British Steel?   

I am a fresh graduate from Loughborough University, I studied Aeronautical Engineering. I think that every industry needs engineers, Aeronautical Engineering is an extension to mechanical engineering so felt British Steel was a good company for me to work for. With the basic skillset of mechanical engineering, working with CAD modelling and material analytics I could progress into this industry. I had a placement year when I was at Uni, so due to that year placement I have also got research experience which has helped me with applications.  

Why did you want to join British Steel?   

As steel is one of the most common building components in the world the industry will only grow to support this demand, so if I can contribute my part in this industry to reduce some of the carbon emissions through new techniques I think this would be very helpful to the world and prompted my application.  

What does your day-to-day role involve?   

I just joined in October 2023 so I am very new. My day at the moment is to assist with current ongoing projects, so if one of the engineers is making a test rig, I will use my skills to make a CAD model for them to simulate the real rig before we build it. Working on the computer to build this is much easier than building it in person so is a great way to test the designs, one of my daily jobs is to do this, second is to do some research on different projects and learning simple metallurgy.  

What do you enjoy about your job?   

I think it is the colleagues around me, they are very experienced people in the industry with lots of experience in metallurgy, they have been in the steel industry for 20 plus years and they are very nice to me. They are teaching me the knowledge they have, passing it on. They don’t get annoyed with me that I am still learning! Communication with my colleagues is definitely the best part of my role so far!  

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years' time within British Steel?   

It is early days for me so far, so  I would be open to anything interesting. Of course I continue to work in Research and Development, but I am also interested if there are research projects to enhance my own knowledge. During this period in my career I am taking all opportunities available to me, I can see I can do that here at British Steel as there are lots of different opportunities to develop, learn and grow. 

What advice would you give to other people considering a career with us?   

I am very new and at the start of my career, this question is not very easy to answer for me! I would say in general it is to respect what your interests are; and then go for it! If there are opportunities that the company are presenting at any time, don’t stop yourself, why not try it!