IT profile: Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones joined British Steel in 1980 as a graduate with a degree in Chemistry. After making the switch to IT, Jamie's held a range of roles and is now Systems Architect. Find out more about his career...

What was your first role in British Steel and what's been your journey since?

I joined the company as a Technical Officer working in the Research & Development department, where my area of specialism was the high-power laser analysis of steel. This role enabled me to use and build on the theoretical knowledge I'd gained from higher education.

I later moved to IT where I've held several roles including Senior Programmer, Project Manager and more recently a Systems Architect role.

How long have you been at British Steel?

I joined the company just over 40 years ago as a graduate having obtained a degree in Chemistry. In my early years working with the company, I continued my studies and achieved a Masters degree in Analytical Chemistry.

The business, steel industry and the sectors we supply have evolved considerably during my time with the company, but with changes come opportunities. My role is to respond to these changes and manage the development of information and communications technology. This is pivotal in supporting our daily operations to consistently and effectively deliver products and service that exceed customers' expectations.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

My role is varied and I work with a wide range of people across the organisation. As a Systems Architect, I'm responsible for visualising, designing, developing and delivering new IT systems and business processes that will fulfil specific business and functional requirements. 

So, effectively, I analyse processes and recommend the most appropriate IT solution to achieve the desired outcome. I work closely with our implementation team to make sure the deployment runs smoothly. As a result of organisational changes, I've been involved in the decoupling and installation of new systems and, more recently, I helped prepare our systems in readiness for Brexit.

Why do you enjoy working for British Steel?

All the roles I've held within British Steel have been fascinating; even after 40 years I still look forward to work on Monday morning!

I'm immensely proud to work for British Steel. We continue to provide integral products and so much of our modern world is built on a foundation of steel.

What advice would you give to other people considering a career here?

The steel industry is like a family, it’s not just a job. People take great pride in their work and are truly passionate about what they do. British Steel offers a diverse range of roles along with the support of experienced steel industry professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with the next generation.